Vitamins to Promote Penile Health

‘Miracle’ erectile dysfunction and penile health products have been around in some form or another for millennia. These days there is no shortage of exotic-sounding plants (eg Tongkat Ali, Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Pycnogenol Pine Bark Extract, etc) which promise to fix what ails you. Some men prefer to take supplements that can help restore men’s health. Discover more at In this article you will find everything regarding your physical health.

However the most common non-prescription product for assisting penile health remains the humble vitamin. Tested over several decades, their effects and side effects are well known, they’re convenient to take and can be easily purchased anywhere these days. Also, it is needed to consider if the patient had done a circumcision. Some non-prescription product for assisting penile health might have side effects too on this surgery. Unless we speak of the Member XXL penis enlargement formula.

Below I have listed a couple of vitamins that are most commonly suggested for assisting penile health. They don’t provide an instant fix (though you may find yourself sprouting random erections during the day when you first start taking vitamin E) but are intended to be taken over a period of time in order to help heal and strengthen, promote circulation and reduce stress and inflammation. As always, this information is not intended to replace a healthy diet nor the advice of your doctor from Victoria Circumcision Clinic.

Vitamin E – Circulation and Free Radical Scavenger

There are a few different vitamins that improve circulation, but vitamin E seems to be the one most often recommended by medical professionals for erectile dysfunction, who also explain penis pump risks, etc. This is due vitamin E also being an antioxidant and free-radical scavenger.

The combination is a powerful one, unclogging the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis (and heart) while at the same time improving circulation. While the most benefits are reaped by taking it over a long time, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of people getting erections throughout the day when they first start taking it. You may want to get some hemp oil to get Vitamin E..

The recommended dose for erectile dysfunction or general penile health is 500IU daily, but up to 1000IU is safe. Don’t forget that at the end of the day your liver needs to process vitamin E, so don’t overdo it. Also, try to go for the natural form of vitamin E (ie d-alpha-Tocopherol) as it is better absorbed by the body and less of a strain on the liver, since these drugs could cause addiction problems, although for people with these issues St. Johns Recovery Place of Florida will assist with detox and recovery.

Zinc – Circulation, Sperm Production and Prostate Health

Zinc is also used to improve circulation, and has the added effect of aiding sperm production and prostate health. A deficiency in zinc is often associated with certain types of erectile dysfunction. Zinc also aids increase semen volume, sperm count and testosterone production.As known, low testosterone can cause a lot of problems for men. The good news is this condition can be treated. Go to for details.

Try to take 15-30mg zinc a day. As with Vitamin E, your expectations should be long term results rather than an instant fix. Additionally undergo Milwaukee low testosterone treatment.

Ginkgo – Circulation to Extremities and Brain

Like vitamin E and zinc, ginkgo (ginkgo biloba) has been proven to increase circulation. However the important difference is that ginkgo is particularly helpful with regards to circulation to the extremities, including the brain and penis, for this using Generic medicine which could be a good option .

Obviously better blood flow to the penis is good for penile health. But the brain is also one of the most important sexual organs. Keeping it in good working order is vital in order to avoid and combat erectile dysfunction.

B5 and Passionflower – Stress Reduction

Stress and the resulting buildup of cortisol is said to be responsible for approximately 30 percent of all cases of erectile dysfunction, and is the most common non-physical cause among middle-age men. How Hemp Cannabidiol and CBD help with pain and stress? works by reacting to the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies and brains. Every living creature actually has an endocannabinoid system, and while our bodies create some of our own, we often don’t have enough. This is why many of us suffer from chronic pain, sleep issues, immune system issues, and more. Of course THC is a form of cannabinol that gets us “high”, but CBD itself made from hemp does not contain enough THC to do this, and it actually doesn’t do as much to our body’s ECS. However, it does help in other ways, especially with pain. Ty using korean ginseng to feel your body stronger and healthie. If you think this may apply to you then you may wish to try a vitamin compound that contains B5 and Passionflower, such as Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula. In addition B5 and Passionflower, this product contains other vitamins to replace those which are rapidly depleted when under constant stress.


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