Compounded pharmaceutical products, in particular hormone creams made from "natural" bioidentical ingredients, and complementary vitamins and supplements. Our flagship product is our natural progesterone cream, lovingly made to the specification of the late Dr John Lee MD.
We know this market very well, and have been servicing it since 2001. We offer knowledgeable, friendly service, competitive pricing, streamlined ordering thanks to our custom ordering system, tracked, expedited shipping via our trusted shipping partners, discreet packaging and billing and a variety of popular payment options. Every week we receive letters, emails and phone calls thanking us for the service we provide and the products we compound that are empowering our customers to take back control of their health, their love life and just generally feel better. Now there is more information, more awareness than ever before about bioidential hormones, their benefits and administration. It's truly an exciting time in this field and we are glad to have such an active role in this revolution. And the best part is we're only just getting started. Follow us on Facebook and keep up to date on how we are improving the service as well as sale information, industry news and other goodies.
It sure is! Our entire site is hosted on secure servers, served to you via SSL. Our site is built with security in mind, and we routinely check our site's modules are up to date. Under no circumstances will we give your personal information to third parties and we will not use it for marketing purposes. We never ever store your billing information and work with payment processing partners in whom we have full trust. We use Australian company Pin Payments for online credit card transactions. Pin provide a safe and secure means of collecting payments via the Internet and are certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 (this is the highest, most stringent level of security!) If you want a bit more detail, pop over to Pin's website.
If you'd like to pay via credit card we have an order form here which you can print our and mail/fax to us. Otherwise you can phone through your credit card details to us on (02)65534001, option 3. If you prefer not to use a credit card at all we also accept payment via Paypal, cheque or direct deposit. You can select these options online when going through the Checkout. More information on our Shipping & Payments page.
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Wingham, about three-and-a-half hours drive north of Sydney.
Log in and go to your Account dashboard, click Orders then VIEW. You can see whether we have dispatched your order, and can also track delivery.
It's discreet. We use generic satchels from the courier company, and there is nothing on the outside of the package to indicate its contents.
The name of our pharmacy. It's perfectly discreet and mentions nothing of the nature of your purchase.
If your prescription has a repeat we can dispense 100g. Otherwise we can phone your doctor on your behalf and ask them whether we could dispense 100g, which would work out cheaper for you.
(when we first started compounding this was our most common query!) Firstly, we're not selling a wild yam cream. However the progesterone using in our creams originally came from wild yam but as you are probably aware this is quite different to selling a "wild yam cream." The progesterone cream we use is as per the specifications of Dr John Lee. You can't buy it in Australia without a prescription. As to why we are so cheap, I guess you'll have to ask other compounders why their cream is so expensive!
While we can't stop you from shopping elsewhere, it may be worth pointing out:
  • Our fanatically loyal customer base is testament to the quality of our product.
  • Buyer beware! We have a bricks-and-mortar pharmacy that has been operating out of country-NSW for over 80 years, and Mike (the pharmacist) is always happy to answer any questions you may be having – (02)65534001, option 3.
  • Does your overseas supplier ask what other medicines you are taking, to make sure there are no interactions?
Of course at the end of the day it's your decision whether you go with a local Australian company or purchase from elsewhere, but it is worth pointing out that in addition to the above, natural progesterone/testosterone creams are classified Schedule 4 (ie prescription only) in Australia. Generally, both import and possession without a prescription from an Australian doctor are criminal offenses. * * * UPDATE * * * Even today, several years after I first started documenting cases, there is something in the media almost every single week regarding the risks when ordering without a prescription from overseas pharmacies. Many of these overseas online pharmacies operate in a grey part of the law and there is little or no recourse if you have a complaint or bad experience. * * * UPDATE * * *
We most certainly can, and in fact do so by default to make re-ordering easier. When you are running low, just place a new order online or give us a call and we'll take your payment information and send out the next repeat.
The number of repeats remaining is noted on the label on your cream, but please remember that the prescription is only valid for one year, after which you will require a new one.
Unfortunately we can only send it to you if you have a prescription from an Australian doctor. I'm not sure what your options are in the US but I know it is available, it's just a matter of finding someone to sell it to you. Dr John Lee has some recommended suppliers in his book and on his web site.
We used to maintain a database of doctors who might be open to prescribing a course of bioidential hormones but these days we suggest you try talking to your regular GP first. They know you and your medical history best, and these days there is less resistance from doctors to patients taking control of their health and researching options on the Internet. If you're still having trouble with approaching your regular GP then please give us a call - (02)65534001 option 3. Mike (the pharmacist) can give you some tips, and also offer other suggestions including speaking to your GP on your behalf or alternate GPs you can try.
Great, we are always happy to hear from you. We receive phone calls almost daily from GPs, their practice managers, naturopaths and other medical professionals across Australia. Some are trying to find out more information about us and our natural hormone creams after being asked by their patients. Others are just looking for a bit of assurance, perhaps regarding the quality of ingredients used or compounding process, or to give some valuable feedback, or be added to our database of natural-hormone-friendly GPs. All are trying to make sure their own patients receive the best treatment available in Australia. We are proud to be a part of hundreds of successful HRT treatments taking place across Australia, and would be delighted if you too would consider our natural hormone products and service for your patients. The easiest way to get in touch is to give Mike (the pharmacist - (02)65534001, option 3) a call during the week, or send us an email - [email protected] We also have a bit more information on our Doctor Portal to which we are regularly adding information.
Still have questions? Please get in touch on (02)65534001 option 3, or email [email protected]