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Some Points About MJ Health & Beauty

  • We have been filling prescriptions and sending compounded creams to patients all over Australia since 2001. We are well along the curve in terms of the compounding process, ingredients and Australia-wide shipping.
  • We have only raised our prices on natural progesterone cream once since 2001. We are extremely price competitive, up to 75% cheaper than our competitors on some products.
  • We are possibly the only Australian compounding pharmacy that had direct dialogue with Dr John Lee MD, pioneer in use of natural progesterone cream in HRT and author of several groundbreaking books on the subject. We are the only Australian compounding pharmacy specifically listed on his website.
  • Our earliest internet customers are still having us fill their prescriptions, more than 15 years later, testament to our knowledge, service and prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I prescribe repeats?
A: We keep them on file, unless the patient requests them returned. Most patients prefer us to hold onto them, as in future they can simply phone through their payment details and we can often dispatch their order the same day.

Q: How does the patient know how much cream to apply?
A: We include a 1g scoop with our creams so the patient can accurately dose as per the doctor’s instructions. Typically doctors prescribe a 100g cream which lasts three months, and up to three repeats.

Q: Why are your products so cheap when compared to other compounding pharmacies’ prices?
A: Streamlined processes, intelligent sourcing of ingredients, and empathy for the end patient. A better question would be to our competitors, “Why are your creams so expensive?”

Contact Details

Phone: 02 6553 4001
Fax: 02 6557 0254
Email: [email protected]
Web: https://mjhealthandbeauty.com.au

MJ Health & Beauty
c/- Chapman & Wood Chemist
103 Isabella St,
Wingham NSW 2429.

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