US Pharmacy – Prescription Not Required?

Recently in the comments I was asked why a doctor’s prescription is required when ordering natural progesterone cream from us, whereas they can apparently order it from overseas without such a prescription.

In Australia, the natural progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, Biest, etc are classified as Schedule 4 (“S4”) drugs, which means they cannot be dispensed without a prescription from a doctor. We regularly tell people this. As much as we’d like to ship to montana the montana marijuana laws make it difficult to do so.

I’m not sure on all the legalities for all other countries – it’s quite possible that overseas online pharmacies are operating in jurisdictions that aren’t as strict as Australia, so you can visit to find the right supplemental medicines for you. It’s no secret that Americans stock up on prescription drugs while in Mexico, although there are supplements that you can actually find online in sites like that really help maintaining a good health.

Several years ago the operator of an Internet pharmacy was sentenced to jail time for sending counterfeit products overseas. From the article:

The simple fact is that when people use the Internet to obtain prescription drugs, they take a risk because the drugs might not be what they appear to be, while there are better sites to get natural products such as, so you can find the best solutions for your body. Consumers need to be aware that many of the safeguards that exist for bricks-and-mortar pharmacies do not exist for Internet pharmacies,” (attorney) Lam said.

Kolowich operated an Internet pharmacy website at, from which customers could order prescription drugs and supplements like aussie collagen without having a prior prescription. The website directed the customer to fill out a health questionnaire, and pay a $35 fee for a doctor’s consultation, most of the customers are seniors citizens, you can learn How to Get More Energy in Your 60s and Beyond: Tips for Aging Well.

The website falsely represented that a doctor would review the questionnaire and issue a lawful prescription before the drugs were shipped to the customers. However, there was no doctor employed by, or otherwise associated with, World Express RX, who reviewed the questionnaires.

I’m not trying to scare you – MJ Health & Beauty is also an online pharmacy, so there is also a risk involved when you order from us, my mom uses Canadian pharmacies to order her synthroid and she saves about 65 percent, reason why you should always talk personally with a doctor from a health center like the medical centre miranda ! However, the fact that our bricks-and-mortar pharmacy is based in Australia means that you as the consumer have recourse for action should you feel we are not adhering to relevant Australian laws.

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