Thank you for visiting MJ Health & Beauty, Australia’s longest-running online compounder of natural testosterone cream and natural progesterone cream made to the specification of Dr John Lee MD.

We’re passionate about our compounded products and have worked hard to make the entire process of procuring, ordering and receiving your order flow as smoothly as possible. We are also constantly refining our compounding process based on the knowledge we have gained from over three decades of compounding to make sure you receive the best product possible. And with a focus on “Australia’s Best” we now also offer high-quality complimentary vitamins and other supplements which support the creams so you can safely and easily start to take back control of your health.

Our service is discrete and professional, and we are confident you will find our prices very competitive.

If you have any suggestions, questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you! We are also active on social media, and you can comment on our blog posts as well.

–Mike & Justin,
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A brief history of MJ Health & Beauty

The idea for the MJ Health & Beauty website was conceived in the year 2000, when in the wake of the tech bubble and crash Mike and Justin decided it would be a good idea to “get online.” Despite people claiming at the time that e-commerce was dead the first version of the site went online in April 2001.

Email inquiries started to trickle in, and then after a couple of weeks our first order! It was an exciting moment indeed. However overall the first couple of months were quite slow and frustrating.

Since then we have taken quite a few customer suggestions on board, constantly updating the site and products. When the limitations of the old site became apparent a new site was built from the ground up and launched in 2004, incorporating a hugely-successful forum (a couple of years before Facebook and social media took off), as well as the ability to save shopping carts, plus some optimisations that made the site run much faster and some security-related upgrades.

As the years passed the need for another site renewal grew until we decided in 2013 to rebuild the site from the ground up using the open source “Drupal” framework. More resilient, better security, proper social media integration including an onsite blog, better analytics and a new, slick interface were just a few of the features of the site which relaunched in 2014.

This site served us well and gave us a renewed insight into our core customers, so in 2017 we refocused and doubled-down on the compounding side of the business. We know we are doing something right in this area because some of our customers have trusted our compounded creams and our service for over 20 years. When it comes to natural progesterone cream as well as our other compounded products we now have the most streamlined end-to-end ordering system in Australia, with the most number of convenient payment options and optional automatic re-order reminders so that you are never without your cream again, in addition to the knowledgable, friendly service and competitive prices which form the cornerstone of our business.

Although the MJ Health & Beauty website has been live since 2001, the underlying bricks-and-mortar pharmacy (“Chapman & Wood Chemist”) has been in business for many years, more than 30 of which have been under the current management. You can find Chapman & Wood active on Facebook or visit their website at